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Friday, July 18, 2014

July gardens are lovely.

This is our little plot after all of the glorious rain!  It is really nice to have the abundance.

This was the same plot in May.  So barren.
There are a few weeds but I am really happy with the space and the set-up.
The squash seem happy.  And the bees are happy to see the squash!!!

Cucumbers are coming in.  I love them with all of my heart.  I have already made use of my sweet MIL's gift to me.  There is a batch fermenting in my new crock!

Here we have some pumpkin and different fall squashes that will grow into the summer squash plot about the time the summer squash retires.
The summer squash is huge and healthy!  I have picked a few squash bugs.  I go out there every single day so as to not miss one.  I think it is helping.
This makes me so happy.  I can't wait to have these sliced on a plate or on fresh bread with homemade mayo.  Summer in my mouth!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Cousins and fun-the 4th continues!

The 4th is my favorite holiday!  I love everything about it.  So having a big group of family here to celebrate makes it even better.  We had some of Matt's family and some of my family.  It blesses my heart that our families like to spend time together. 
With both families we had 15 kids.  It was a perfect way to celebrate.  Lots of fun, fireworks and food!
Uncle Matt and the big boys.  They are as tall as he is now!

Tre baby!

Sweet girls.

PiƱata time!

The foot-race was a highlight. 

Love these faces!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer lovin'

The calendar seems to be mistaken.  I refuse to think that June is almost over.  That is silly.  June just started last week!
Summer does seem to be moving along at a shocking pace.  We are trying to make the most of it.  Our weather here has been unbelievable!  Cool June days are a welcome thing around here.  The coolness, along with some hail damage has stunted the garden but it is a fair trade.
Renovations are slow and steady.  Well, mostly slow but at least we are progressing.  Here are our new floors!

And here is Father's Day.  Matt got a new wheelbarrow and some other tool-type things.  Oh yes, and candy matched with homemade cards.  Dad's get the best stuff!

One day last week we decided to venture across the road to the HUGE playa lake.  It really is beautiful to see from our (GREEN!) yard.  We are not used to standing water in these parts.

It was beautiful up close too.

Sweet Zaddy and Micah 

Grumpy Jolie.  :)
Pondering Asher
The buddies, Levi and Daddy.
The boys spent a ton of time collecting these little shells.  Not sure what kind of thing occupied them before but they had a blast!
My crew.
The Prairie really is beautiful.
If you can find joy in the smallness of it...
Or the grandness of it,
you will fall in love.
We thought we might loose our dog Fuzz to the playa.  He did not want to leave.  He barked and bit at the water.  He ran all around in it and would not come out!

I really can't blame him.  It was pretty perfect.

Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm getting tired.

I am really tired of my house being torn up.  I am an order person.  That means living is disorder is causing me great stress.  I was fine with it for a few weeks.  Now I am sliding into an anxious desire to throw away everything I own and move into a (completed) one-room cottage.
Ok, now that I am done being a baby I will say, it is exciting to be moving forward with our renovations.  Flooring is going in today!
 Everything that should be in the kitchen is now in my living room.  What a mess.  It is only temporary.  I have to put that on repeat in my head.

 Gutted.  This is the last you will see of the old floor!  This time tomorrow I will either be eating my dinner directly off of the new floor or manically organizing things back into the kitchen.  We will see on which side of crazy I will land.

 We still have no cabinets but that will come soon.  This is where our fridge and shelving will go.
This was where we had the fridge but it will be a lovely built-in pantry before long.
As we work and wait for the house to come together.  The bees are busy with their summer occupation.
 We are fortunate to have a giant playa lake right across the road from our home.  We have never seen water in it, though we have heard that it has been full enough in the past to float a flat-bottomed boat.
 It is a nice change of scenery.  The sound of the frogs at night is amazing.  We feel like we are in the bayou!
Have a blessed weekend!  Hopefully we will have house updates soon.