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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crafty much?

Nope! But this is a craft designed to make my life easier and give my kids responsibility! I love this craft. You won't catch me saying that very often. So enjoy my friends.
I read a story in a magazine about what one mom did to resolve the problem of having a constant sink of dirty dishes. This mom had 6 kids and decided to make them take some ownership in the whole dishes fiasco. Instead of using a new cup or bowl for every meal, she decided to give each child their own set of dishes to keep up with! Brilliant! She got a set of clear glass dishes and some acrylic for glass paints and had each child personalize his or her set. The premise is that if the dish is not clean, then you don't eat until it is. It eliminates a ton of extra dishes and provides a way for the kids to understand what a job it is to keep things clean.

We did this little craft and have LOVED having our hand-painted dishes at every meal. It really has helped with the amount of washing I have to do. Also, the kids are really proud of their art and want to use their dishes.
Here are the pics...

The bowls

The cups

The plates

The finished product



Saturday, June 26, 2010

And Finally...

Oh my. This is even hard to type. My baby is 1. I know that this is what is supposed to happen. It is good that he is growing up. I mean really, isn't that the point of all of this? But I can't help it. I just want to hold on to my little squishy man as long as I can. I know from past experience that, while there are many good and fun things about having bigger kids, nothing can replace that complete and total love that you get from your baby. He still thinks that I am the world! His little face just shines with that big toothy grin every time I look at him. If I stare at my other kids they say, "What?" Not so much adoration. More annoyance. Levi still thinks Matt and I make everything alright.

That sweet baby has been the easiest most relaxed baby ever! He loves the noise and chaos of our home. He is the only baby I have had who gets excited when the vacuum comes on. He wants to be with the kids, right in the middle of the danger. He has learned that screaming is always funny and is usually what makes your brother put you down. He has learned fast which things I don't want him to touch but immediately makes his way to whatever it is, only pausing to look back at me and smile. He is silly and happy and loud and crazy just like the rest of the bunch. He is the perfect baby brother!

He is an obsessive nurser. I have no idea how I will wean him. I only know that I want to do it soon. He has lots of teeth. But he is so happy with himself when he finally convinces me that it's time to eat. He just relaxes and sits still. It's the only time we really get to cuddle now. He is too busy the rest of the day.

As for food, he has mixed feelings. He likes to taste stuff, just not swallow it. So he will chew the bits of food and then spit them out to examine whether or not he wants to actually eat it. Sometimes he eats it but most of the time he tosses it on the floor. Did I mention he is messy?

Oh, his newest thing is pointing. No matter where we are, if you talk to Levi, he will point over your shoulder and look in that direction like there is something over there that he has to see. Sometimes we can tell what he is looking at. Other times, I think he is just messing with us. But his inquisitive eyes are always searching for something to discover.

Levi Benjamin, you are a joy in our home. I am so thankful that God saw fit to send you to us. I pray for you precious little heart, that it would love the Lord and that you would belong to Him. I love you sweet baby.

This was his 1st birthday cupcake experience. It was fabulous!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Zaddie Poo-poo

Believe it or not, that is what I called him for the first few years of his life. Oh, there were others too. Zad Poo, Pooper, Poopoo, and my all-time favorite, Poop. Poor guy. We stick to Zadd or Zaddie now. I guess he will forgive me one day. His name had always been controversial and will probably give him fits. Most of our family still can't spell it right. Again I say, poor guy. But we chose the name with purpose. It was a name that meant something to us. Zadok in the Old Testament was a priest who chose to be on God's side in a very serious situation. Here is a link to the story. If there was any characteristic that I would want to make sure my babies have, it would be standing firm in what they know is right. We changed the spelling of Zadok (which is pronounced with a long a) to Zaddok so that it would be more pleasing to the American tongue but the meaning remains the same. Righteous. Not surfer-dude righteous but lover of God righteous.

Now, Zaddok the kid is a nut! He is the funniest most joyful little boy I have ever met. He loves just about everyone. He is a crazy wild boy who will come by and slap my hiney just to see if he will get in trouble. He LOVES his older brother and sister and would rather be with them than anyone else. (Except maybe Judah or Kyle!) He thinks his baby brother is cute but maybe has just a little bit of jealousy over losing his baby status. He gets away with everything. Not because I don't care but because I am 31 and I'm tired and because he really is too stinkin' cute sometimes. It's not just the cuteness but the sincerity in his eyes when he tells me he didn't mean to spit on his baby brother's head. He's got really sweet eyes. See...

Zaddok is the classic little brother. He wants to win and he want to win big. He will practice something until he gets it. Not because it's all that important to him but because he wants to WIN! He has the little brother temper. Quick to anger and quick to reap justice for himself. That will end in someone crying and it is usually him. But that's okay because five seconds later he will be laughing hysterically at something someone said. I would say his little laugh is like angels singing but it is really more like chipmunks freaking out. It often gets us all rolling on the floor and laughing with him! He is that guy in our house. He brings joy, hugs, giggles and rosy cheeks. He always has rosy cheeks. It fits his jolliness.

Zadd Poo, I love you more than you will ever know. I pray God's protective hand over you. I know that he has created you for a purpose and I can't wait to see what that is! You are my darling little man and I thank my Abba that he chose me to be your mama. Love you buddy.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Since I wrote a post about my eldest, it seems only fair to continue with the rest. And we must always keep it fair, right? I will tell you that when he was born, I was terrified. I had all sisters and my first child was a girl. Boys scared the crud out of me. It wasn't the blue clothes. It wasn't even the extra parts to deal with during diaper-changing. It was the maleness of it all. I was confused about how to love a boy. Did they want a hug and love from mom? Or did they just want to break things? Then, as I began to get to know him, I became a mom of boys! It was like I had never been anything else. I discovered that they want to hug and love and then break things! He made such an impression on my heart that God decided to give me two more of those mysterious creatures!

Asher has had the same personality since he was an infant. He is Mr. Cool. It takes a lot to get him riled up. Now that is not to say that he doesn't have his moments. They are many as he gets older. But his core personality is pretty chill. He doesn't want a lot of outside attention. He would rather hang out by himself than get mixed up in something he doesn't want to do. He has a super-high pain tolerance. He has had horrible ear infections that we didn't know about until he lost his hearing and we took him to the doctor. See how cool he is...

Another part of his personality is his eye for the small things in life. He is a detail man. This kid can remember the little things that I don't even see. He loves cars and can appreciate a well-shined wheel or a cool new color. I am very thankful because now his daddy has someone to talk cars with who will actually be excited when he points out a sweet hot rod. (I think there are some cars that are cute but don't really feel the excitement that my guys do!)

There is one aspect of being a detail guy that makes it frustrating on mom and dad. It is the perfectionist side of this kid that can drive us crazy. With anything he does he puts us through the ringer. He doesn't want help but he wants it perfect. Most of the time, it ends in tears. Asher cries too. But there are those times that he actually gets it the way he wants it and does it himself. When that comes together you can see the pride in his eyes. I know that as he gets older, he will need less help from us and his independent spirit will make him successful in whatever he wants to do.

My first son has changed me. He has given me a whole new view on men! His love for his family is great. He will curl up in my lap for a few minutes, like he is recharging his battery. He can be rough and tumble but then turn into tenderness. He will be my baby boy forever. I am praying that God will give me the grace to enjoy him while he is mine but to prepare to let him go when God sends him his soul-mate. That sounds horrible now! I know that one day it will be right. And that gives me a new appreciation for my mother-in-law!

Asher Vernon, I pray for you that God will guide you into being the man he created you to be. He has made you so unique. I pray that you will seek Him in all you do and that His word will be written on your heart. I love you baby boy. Thank you for making me a mom of boys!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Update on garden, chickens and the coop.

Things are changing quickly here! The garden is growing like crazy, the chicks are mini-chickens and the coop is complete!!! Well, minus the painting but complete enough to hold some chickens. Here are some pics to prove it!

Onions that didn't get to finish growing thanks to some unnamed children.

Green beans. I love how they twist and climb. I love how they taste too!

We didn't get to do our drip system this year so we are trying a more, elementary approach. I'll let you know if it works. (the milk jugs are a primitive drip system that also allows us to feed and water at the same time!)
Squash and lots of it!

Eggplant. Can't wait to grill it!

Day lilies. Not food but too pretty to resist.

This is the coop!!!

This is a chicken that we stuffed into the coop.

These are the chickens that refuse to go into the coop.
I really love it and am so proud to have it. My husband is THE BEST!!

My son decided to spontaneously give up all of his teeth.

This one decided to make the sweetest eyes at his daddy.

I love my life! Thank you Adonai for blessings.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am trying to understand nature. No, not the eating habits of the prairie chicken. I mean the nature that we are all born with that makes us human. I have 4 very different children. Not sure how that's possible but they are all so very different.

For example. My daughter left me this little gem after she had been in trouble one day.

Of course Matt I laughed about it for an hour and a half. But in reality, this sums her up perfectly. She has polar opposite moods. She is hot and cold, sweetness and bitterness, elation and anger. She has a ridiculous gifting for organization but cannot keep her room clean for even a day. This doll will mother her baby brother with such tenderness and care right before she yells at her other brothers for breathing too loudly. She can be my greatest joy and my biggest challenge.

This roller coaster child has made me question everything about myself and my parenting skills. I have prayed more and sought more guidance for this than I thought I would have to as a parent. It seems truly unfair that I got the baby/toddler thing figured out and now I have no idea what to do with the big kid! See how cute she is...Dang!

What I take comfort in is this, she was created in His image. He has given her beauty that we haven't even seen yet. In her immaturity, she can use those gifts in the wrong way. But our job is to teach her to use her gifts for good and not e-vil! We are to steer her towards Him and away from the world. We are to love her in a way that makes her feel the compassion of her savior while loving her enough to teach her discipline. So you can see why I am terrified.

But when I have those moments with her of sweet relationship where I can put my arm around her with nothing else but time to enjoy one another, I remember. I remember that we are all a work in progress. And then I can smile, relax and enjoy the little person in front of me. Because time goes faster the older they get. Don't believe me? Ask your parents.

Jolie Kay, you are my delight. I am so thankful for you and your precious heart. You bring so much action, drama and love into our home. I praise God for you and ask Him to protect your heart. I love you baby girl.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The coop!

It's finally here. Well, of course, it is not finished. But almost! My woodworking wonder of a husband has thrilled me, yet again, with something that exceeded my expectations. If it were up to me, the chickens would live in an old dog house. But no, my sweet man took his time and used his artistic ability to make something that we will be able to keep for many years. Here he is in the planning stages...

and yes, the tongue does help him think.

Just starting:

It's coming along:

But alas, we do have to have some fun too right?

Well, except for Zad. He just needed to yell at someone.

And he had the best idea of all.