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Thursday, August 28, 2014


I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year.  I love the coming coolness of Fall, I love the sounds of school, I love the bounty of the garden.  I hate staring at that bounty and not having time to process it.  I hate the mess that processing creates.  I hate cooking dinner after I have canned all day.  Love it or hate it, the time is here.
This is the recipe I used for my first tomato sauce experience.  I followed it with the exception of using a food mill or strainer.  I like the skin and seeds.  Extra fiber and nutrition never bothered me.  Plus, I will be using this in other recipes so I doubt it will ever be noticed.
My sweet neighbors had an excess of tomatoes and were so kind to share.
 I cored them and cut out any bad spots. 
(Notice the nice new GIANT sink?!)

Then I cut the tomatoes into quarters.

I stewed them for 20 minutes.
I let them cool a bit before I processed them until they were smooth.  This took awhile because I had to do the 'maters in small batches.
Then it went back into the pot to simmer with the lid off so it will reduce into sauce.
Then I packed it into hot jars and water-bathed them for 40 minutes.  I can't wait to use them!
My joy at being done with that job was short-lived.  This was waiting for me!

Dilly beans!!!
I love to see the jars lined up.
It would not be a canning day if this did not happen at least once.  It is always disappointing.

Goodbye little jalapeƱos.
It's hard to be sad for long with this little toot around!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's that time again!

 School is here!  I dread it every summer but am always excited to see the kids growing and moving forward.
This year was a big year.  We had one moving up to the Junior High, one moving into Intermediate, one going to the big 3rd grade year and one starting his school journey in Kindergarten.
Asher was feeling super-hero confident.

Levi would not give me a serious picture.

Zaddok was pretty nervous and not sure he wanted to go.

Micah was, of course, doing Karate.

Oh this girl.  She is my trailblazer.  Junior high was just the new thing she needed.  She was excited and ready and not nervous at all.  I love her confidence.

You know how when they are little they want you to walk them into class?  This year Jolie went to her first day with her friend Ridgleigh.  Friends are important when you are 13.  We are thankful she has good ones to share these memories with.
These littles are still in at the walk-me-in stage.  Daddy was able to be there, which was a blessing.  Both boys were trying to be brave but were visibly nervous.

We did manage to get a good brother picture.  They will be together here for 2 years.  It makes me feel better to know they have each other.

Oh my Kinder.  You are too little.

And so big at the same time!  God was good and put Levi with a teacher that he knows.  His teacher is new to Kinder because she taught at his preschool last year.  It was comforting to him to walk in to Ms. Becca's class.

This was a few minutes before we said goodbye and before the tears started.  His didn't last as long as mine.

We took a quick peek at this kid before we left.  He has a fantastic teacher who has traveled all over the world.  She taught in South Korea for a year.  His first day home he was already speaking Korean!  I am looking forward to what he learns this year.
It's just me and you kid! 
God you know my heart for these babies.  You know my worry too.  Please take my worry and hear my heart.  I trust them into your hands.  I know you will equip them with every good thing to walk out their faith in the midst of the world.  Hold them up, protect them and challenge them.  I pray for their growth to be profound and lasting.  Thank you God for your goodness and your promise to never leave us.  In Jesus name-Amen.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I love it all.

A batch of fermented pickles

A box of garden goodies.
The things that get made with garden goodies!

Fresh bread
You should always wait until the bread cools a bit before you take it out of the pan.  We still ate it.
Eating our own food.
The last few summer splashes.
Her "get ready" stance.
 His super hero imagination.

These eyes.
This pouty face

Thank you God for your goodness.  We are blessed beyond measure.  Help us recognize that, even in times of trouble.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


This has been going on here...
 And this...

The kitchen is coming along.  I am so thankful to Matt and his dad Rod for working all week to get everything just right.  They did a fantastic job!  I will post finished pictures when we get knobs on and curtains up.
This is also going on here...

And this...

I have 4 babies going to school next week.  It will just be baby girl and me here at home.  So I am soaking up every last minute.  I know they are excited and looking for newness and adventure.  But this mama wants to hold on a little longer.
At least I have one baby left to squeeze.