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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Update pics...

What's the dill man?  Hee hee.  My baby dill that is.

These are a purple-pod green bean.  I was happy to find these.  They grow purple and are easy to spot when it's time to pick them.  The cool thing is that they turn green when you cook them!  They are standing like little soldiers against the garden fence.  They will trellis and hopefully produce a ton! 

Banana peppers are so faithful.  This little guy is already producing.

Two kinds of cukes this year.  We planted a slicing one and a mini pickling one.  I will be a happy girl if they produce!

I love these.  Can't remember what they are called but I love 'em.

A potato flower!  I am hoping our straw system will allow for mucho potatoes this season.

These seem to be the only flower I can grow from seed.  It's a good thing that they are so pretty and helpful in the garden.

The corn is growing like crazy!  So are weeds around it.  I guess I'd better get on that.
A few weeks ago I teased you with this picture and promised to show you the plant again.

 This is the plant today.
The plant is our Smoke Tree.  Doesn't it look like it is in a cloud of pink smoke?  It is one of my favorites out of the trees that we planted last year.  God is amazing.  The things He has created and allowed to grow!  There is no purpose for us in this tree.  It's just beautiful.  That's purpose enough for a creative Creator.

And of course, squash.  Lots of squash.

We are watering these just to see what happens.  I'm afraid they will just grow more trouble!  But definately more fun too.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Only a few tears today...

Sweet friends at the end-of-the-year party!

Jolie still made time for her brother.

Zarha and Jolie

Levi had more fun than the school kids.

Such goof-balls


Asher and his fellow dudes.

Blake and Asher have formed a tight friendship this year.
This is Asher and Ben.  They are Astros, they are buddies and they are weirdos.

Part of his 1st grade class.  Yes, they are mostly boys.  Great and sweet boys.

Bye son!  Enjoy your last moments as a 1st grader.  Oh and quit growing up so fast.  Your mommy can't take it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

To be a pest or not to be a pest...

Remember fish-tail braids?  This one got away from me at the end.

Remember the first pool-play of the season?

Levi was having second thoughts about pestering his brother.

Nice thoughts over.  Continue pestering.

They really do love each other.

...most of the time.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zaddy the Grad-y!!!!!

This folks, is the Bible rap.

Do the robot.  Awwww yeah!

R-E-A-D the B-I-B-L-E

This night was also Zaddok's Pre-K graduation.

He getting hugged on by his precious teacher Ms. Monique.  Oh how much I love her!

I've already done this twice but it's never easy.  Seeing babies grow from little kids into elementary kids is just hard.  But knowing how much fun it is to see them grow, I am more joyful than sad.  His adventure is just beginning.

He was so proud.

"The FACE" strikes again!

His best bud Judah was there to cheer him on.
(His little brother Jacob was preforming with the 3-year-olds.)

I have to end with this.  My little weirdy is into helmets.  Can't play in the water without a helmet.  Safety first.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Buns of steel! (really buns of wheat but that doesn't sound as exciting)

I love to make our own hamburger buns.  We use them for all sorts of things, not just burgers.  I don't always make them.  Sometimes we buy them from the store.  GASP!  Yes it is true.  But I do enjoy the process when I have the time to do it myself.
Start with 1 and 1/3 cups warm (not hot) milk.  Have you ever wondered why people in the movies drink warm milk when they can't sleep?  I have never actually met anyone who does this.  Is this something we are all missing out on?  Does warm milk have some sleep-inducing quality?  Is warm milk magic?!?  (What's with all the questions about warm milk?  Don't you have anything better to think about?   This lady needs a warm glass of get a life.  Why am I reading this blog anyway?)  

Moving along...this is yeast.  You all know yeast.  It is nature's finest in a jar.
(2 and 1/4 tsp)

When you mix it with sugar, yummy, ferment-y things happen.
(2 Tbs)

While you are awaiting "proof", gather the other ingredients.
 Don't know why I love you, I just do.
(1 and 1/4 tsp Kosher salt)

Don't my girls make pretty eggs?  It's almost sad to have to destroy it.
(1 egg)

Photo needs no caption.  Butter speaks for itself.
(4 Tbs butter)
I am in love with the man who gave me these.  And with the 4 little munchkins that follow him around.  They're cool too. 

Now that we have gathered the ingredients and viewed our Mother's Day present we can check our yeast.  See, "proof" of the leavening power of your yeast.  It will smell like addiction.  Yeasty, yeasty addiction.

Time to mix in the above ingredients well with the proofed yeast.  Then we add our flours.  I used half and half.  Whole wheat and white.  Knead the dough10 minutes or until it springs back when you mash it.  You know, like elastic.
(4 cups flour)

I love the way dough rises.
(Until doubled)

After the rise I punch down the dough and cut the dough ball in half, then cut the halves in half, then cut those in half until I had 12 perfectly portioned dough balls.

I used my lovely daughter to take this picture.  I am expertly flattening out the dough ball.  Think hamburger patty.  I am sure you could roll out the dough and cut circles instead.  I have not tried this so if you do, let me know how it turns out.

Line them on a baking sheet and let them rise until puffed.

See, puffed.
(The recipe calls for an egg wash and sesame seeds but we just aren't that fancy on a daily basis.)

Bake at 400 degrees for 18 minutes.  Then, cut them open and fill them with deliciousness.  These were made for BBQ sandwiches.  The extra buns make great toast or you can use them like you would any slicing bread.  I wanna hear how they turn out for you if you try them!

Here is the written recipe:

1pkg or 2 and 1/4 Tsp yeast
1 and 1/3 cups warm milk
2 Tbs sugar
1 and 1/4 tsp kosher salt
1 lightly beaten egg
4 Tbs butter softened
4 cups flour (half and half)

Mix milk, yeast and sugar.  Proof for 10-15 minutes.  Add remaining ingredients in order.  Knead with dough hook 8 minutes or by hand 10 to 15.  Rise unitl doubled.  Divide into 12 balls.  Form bun. Rise until puffed, 60 minutes.  Bake at 400 degrees for 18 minutes.