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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Husbands are cool.

This was my little cabinet that I bought awhile back to display the china that my Grandma gave me for my wedding.  The china belonged to my Great-Grandmother Gilger.  I love it.  It was stored in boxes for years before I got this cabinet.  I really liked it but knew I would LOVE it if I could paint it.

My studly husband, who knows that I can't paint anything without making a huge mess, painted it for me!  And I do love it even more! 
Isn't the china sweet?  It reminds me of the women who have passed it down to me.

Here it is with the stuff all back in it.

I love these handles.

Look how manly he is!  Thanks honey.  You always do my little projects with excellence.  I love you!

This has nothing to do with my husband or my cabinet.  But I am so excited that I finally made some homemade ranch dressing mix, onion soup mix and chili seasoning.  So easy, cheap and much better than the store-bought stuff.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You know you're a mom of a girl when...

you have to say, several times a day, "Just take a deep breath."

you have resorted to hiding your  "important" jewelry.

there is a real fear that you will lose the opportunity parent your newest baby due to older sister ownership.

there was a period of time when pink and fluffy was the only acceptable state for any purchase. 

you still have to avoid the strong smells.  These just come in spray bottles.

you always check your lipstick before you use it.

you get that, "I totally disapprove of your behavior." look and it's not from your mom.

everything is better with sparkles

your sons won't fully believe you about anything until they have checked with their sister.

you frequently try to put on socks or underwear that are several sizes too small.

you cannot hide any emotion.

there has never been so much glitter in the world, EVER, until now.

you think you have had a private conversation only to find out she, somehow, has heard every word.

you have lost ownership of most of your high-heeled shoes.

you no longer have to ask your husband's opinion about an outfit or nail polish color.

there is inspiration for a real reflection of your own hormonal highs and lows.

you are amazed at how far eyes can actually roll back into a head.

there are brushes and hair things in every room of the house.

you have formed an alliance against stinky smells coming from the boys in the last post.

kitties and best friends are the most wonderful thing to happen to humanity.

you are so happy to see your husband give his and love attention to another female.

you are amazed that one human could be so sweet, silly, goofy, sassy and spunky all at the same time.

there is a friendship and a love that cannot be described that you know will be there forever.

I love you Jolie Kay.  We will have a new list of things to write when your baby sister gets here.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You might be a mom of boys when...

you carry Hot Wheels in your purse.

there is an acceptance of weird smells and an avoidance of knowing the source.

there are always bits of metal and random pieces of trash that show up in the laundry.

you have ever said, "Do I smell smoke?"

you know more about knives than you ever cared to know. 

the question, "Can I get on the roof?" doesn't shock you.

there is giggling coming from the bathroom and you know it's best to stay away.

you closely inspect your toothbrush before you use it. 

you have learned not to look directly at or inhale near dirty underwear.

there is a no wrestling in the living room policy enforced in your home.

your 8-year-old has asked, in all seriousness, "Can I drive?"

you check the oven and the grill for action figures, candles or sticks before you turn them on.

you have ever had to say, "Do not touch that!  It is dead."

the weeds in your alley have been removed by a machete and a samurai sword.

there are arrows stored under your bed.

any electronic gadget that breaks is immediately given over to the discection team.

fist fights are the solution to a problem, not the beginning of one. 

you frequently get the question, "Can we cut this up?" 

you would save money by purchasing tennis shoes in bulk. 

you no longer have to deal with anything gross because your sons are delighted to do it for you.

you always have an audience when changing a poopy diaper because...

poop is always entertaining.

And finally...

you have more love, sweet hugs and messy kisses than you know what to do with and your heart is happy and full! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

IT'S A...?

Precious Father we thank you for giving us the blessing of children.  Please make us good stewards of that blessing.  Keep us captivated by these little treasures so that we will never forget how important this time is or how fortunate we are.  Thank you most of all for hearing the prayers of a little girl who desperately wanted a baby sister.  You are truly a God who sees hearts.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

Whoo hoo!

I am done with my blog book!  It was tedious but should be worth it.  The book is 210 pages and 630 pictures.  Wow!  That's a bunch of bloggin'.  I am happy to have another year of our lives documented.  My next project?  I have to get new portraits of the kids and a picture of all of them together.  We really need a family pic but my favorite photog lives all the way in Hobbs, NM!  I didn't plan that out very well.  Praying a blessed 2012 for everyone! 
 -Rachelle (The Little Wife)