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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snow and play

Even though we have so much work going on here, we still make room for fun!  Life would be so boring if we didn't.  With 5 kiddos, we have lots of opportunities to enjoy what God has blessed us with.  Namely, each other! 

A beautiful, snowy morning!

Levi had no problem enjoying it.
The kids were up and outside by 8 on a Saturday morning.
Asher wanted to include Micah in the fun.

Bowls of snow!

A few days later we are back to warm!  Daddy loves when the babies wear overalls. 

Baby didn't mind it at all. 
(Yes, she is used to cameras of all kind in her face.)

Micah loves her puppy Fuzz.

Zaddok is a great big brother,  So sweet and tender.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

January's plans.

The first few weeks in January are always my blog book time.  This year was super easy!  I used Blog 2 Print and it formatted the book just like my blog.  The pictures aren't was big as I wanted them to be but it saved me 2 weeks (or more!) of work.  It is expensive to do but it is a year's worth of photos.  If I was printing them and scrap booking I think I would spend much more.  I encourage you to try it.  Even if you don't blog, you can do photo books with captions.  It is really a neat way to document the years.
Looking forward, we have sooooooooo much to do!  There are many things we have on our list to get done before the weather changes and we move outdoors.  Some of our list is reasonable.  Some of it will get bumped to next year's list. 
We have started inside the house with some texture and painting.  There are many rooms in our house that needed that extra smoothing on the walls before getting a fresh coat of paint.  Old houses have nails that will start bulging out of the sheet rock or wallpaper that just needs updating.  Take this for example...

Some of this came off very easily.  This wouldn't budge.
This is what we are calling our book nook.  When it is finished, it will have new paint, a cozy chair, lamp, and shelves full of books for our kiddos to get lost in!
The boy's room is awesome!  It's plenty big for the 3 boys and all of their stuff.  We have a pretty good vision of what we want it to look like.  So Matt started to texture.

It's just a thin layer.  Enough to cover some imperfections in the wall and give it some interest.  See that bead-board?  We decided to take it down.  It was only on one wall and didn't really fit. 

This is what all of our faces looked like when we removed it.
Matt had some repair work to do.  Luckily there was drywall and tape in the barn.
There were 2 holes to patch and more mud to apply.  Much to do!!  Soon, painting!