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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The old camera

I found my old camera a few weeks ago.  I put the pictures on my computer and found these sweet babies, 2 years ago.  I cannot believe how fast this is going.  They have changed so much. 

  Sweet baby girl playing dress up.

Fat drooly baby!  Be still my heart.

Little Handy Zaddy.  Oh my.  That was his wearing-collared-shirts-under-long-sleeved-shirts phase. 

Oh my stunt man.  You keep wearing that helmet.  I may make you wear it
 when you start driving.

 Look at that mess!  This is homeschooling with a baby.  Kinda makes me sad
and relieved all at the same time.

My baldy!!!  I miss kissing that bald head.

 Yep, this is a picture of Spider Man's butt.  These are the pictures we get when the
 kids steal the camera.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Ashie!

Here: she is wishing she was a fairy.

Poor little baby.  He sleeps just like his daddy. 

Children are a blessing from the Lord!!!  I am so blessed.  It was good to see these old pictures again. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

He's okay.

Levi was so excited to see his sister and brothers.  He kept putting his hands to his face and yelling, "Asher!"
Asher found us first.  He ran up and hugged his daddy.  He didn't want his picture taken though.

Jolie ran up and immediately began talking about Broadway Kids.  It's a special music team that the 4th graders can be a part of.  That was the best part of her day.

Here he is!  I worried about him all day long and then found out that he did great.  His teacher said that he was an example to the rest of the class!  Praise God!  He had a great day.  He even told me, "When we practiced walking down the hall, my teacher didn't have to call my name once!"  He did say a little girl kept punching him but that he "blocked her off."  He didn't even tattle.  He just took care of it himself.  That's my boy!  He even looks bigger.

So happy to see that smile!

First day photos.

Here they are grandparents, aunt and uncles!!!  Mama is doing fine.  Kind of. 

My 4th grader.

My 2nd grader.

My Kindergartner.

The new shoes.  Always the most exciting part of back-to-school.

Does anyone else see the hesitation on Zaddok's face?

The brothers.
He tried so hard to be happy.

Oh my baby.  This is what I was dreading.

We had to leave him in his classroom, crying his eyes out.  Then Mama had to leave so I could cry my eyes out.  I just wanted him to feel happy and excited.  Instead he feels unsure and scared.  God, please be with him today.

I just want it to be 3:00.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My sad/happy day.

I am in shock.  Summer is over.  While my garden is still in production, my babies aren't going to be here to help me harvest.  They will be part of a classroom.  Just another kid.  Even though their teachers will love them, they won't know how truly wonderful and special they are. 

They won't know just how precious and tender Jolie's heart is towards others.  They won't see the sweetness in Asher's somber and serious way.  Their hearts won't fill with joy at the twinkle in Zaddok's eyes.  I mourn this loss.  I will miss my babies. 

 But the excitement they feel makes up for my hesitation.  They are so ready to be part of that classroom.  They can't wait to be one of the kids.  And they are so excited to show the teachers every reason why they should love them! 

This is the hardest part of parenting.  Letting them be who they are apart from us.  We know that everything we have taught and prayed covers them.  We pray that their hearts are guarded and that their spirits are protected.  We hope that they have a really wonderful experience. 

"May the Lord bless you and keep you.  May He make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.  May the Lord give you Peace."

Matt took this on his way home from work. *sigh*

Have a sweet day my babies. Mama's gonna cry a little. Then I'm gonna go get a coffee with only one child by my side.
At least he is stinkin' cute. 

This is the corn we grew this year!  Isn't is cute?  Thanks Papa!

We have been blessed with a good production of cucumbers.

Our girls have been busy!  I saved them to make some breakfast casseroles for the freezer.  Great easy school morning breakfasts.

Thanks for sharing this day with me.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dancing Around Obsession

I am sure you are getting sick of produce pictures.  Well, tough.  It is my current focus.  You will only have to deal with it for another 6 to 8 weeks.  That all depends on Fall.  But for now, I hope you can happily share in the depths of my focus.
Dill seed.  Awesome.

The humble beginnings of my stockpile.

Amazed at creation.  Such color and glory out of something so practical.

Poor, sad potatoes.  I did not water you like I should have.  The dry season overwhelmed me.  Yet look how you still managed to grow!  Next year my friends, will be your year.

Who let the chickens into the garden?  Hmmmm.  Someone looks guilty.

I do love to see their little fluffy bottoms in the tomatoes.  They are great at picking bugs, which makes me happy.  But also great at picking perfectly ripe tomatoes.  That does not make me happy.
Oh Summer, you have been torture at times.  But there is no other season that can make ice cream taste so good.

Right Zaddy?

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

What to do with the things we grow...

This is where the child labor comes in.  And it is just dandy.  All kidding aside, it's good for them.  They get to be a part of the cycle of our home.  They have responsibilities.  They feel like an important link in the chain.  Plus, now that they are bigger, it really cuts down my load!  They are actually helpful.  I have come to depend on them.  I love that bond we have built.  I am hoping that knowing what goes into running a household will make them more thoughtful about how they live. 

My Asher-man loves to help in the kitchen.  I put him on food processor duty!

I know, I know.  This looks dangerous.  But we have taught him how to work safely with a knife.
See how good he does!

Jolie was helping too so Levi decided that he needed to help.  So we gave him a "baby" knife and a banana. 
He did just what his siblings were doing. 

I took the zucchini that the kids sliced for me and blanched it to prepare it for freezing.

Then I packed it, in usable portions, into freezer bags

We also did some in shreds for breads and spaghetti sauce.  It's a good way to trick the kids into eating zucchini.

This is a very special jar.  It is not only a neat jar, but it belonged to my Great-Grandmother Gilger. 
Isn't is beautiful?

My sweet Papa gave me this jar too.  It is special to be surrounded by things that belonged to people that I love!

I have been in a canning state of mind.  These green beauties are going to be pickled!  Our peppers have done great this year.

I get the whole clean kitchen thing.  I do love it when mine is clean.  But this is how I really like to see it!
Lots of hours of love have been poured out in this place.

Lots of love and lots of yummy things.
 These babies will be just delicious on a big bowl of chili or beans this winter!