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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Micah on the move.

Micah is on the move big time!  She keeps me jumping for sure.  I am always hunting her.  She is very sneaky!  Here is where I found her today.

Got to make sure the feet are in position.

"Now this is better!"

"I can really see everything!"
We have our first ponytail.  :)

These sisters were all dressed up and ready for church.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Texas dirt.

Ahhh Spring.  The time of year when I start planning crazy gardens and my husband prepares himself for many miles of tilling.  Tilling, even with a machine, is not easy.  That is why we jumped at the chance to have a tractor break ground for our very first garden at the new place.  We got a great big plot out of the deal!  It is exciting to dream about filling it.

The ground was HARD!

But the tractor made short work of it and turned it into beautiful workable dirt.

It even made rows for me!!

Chris owned this house and land before us.  He grew up here.  He was so sweet to help us with our plot.

When Chris was done he said it made him miss farming.  I am sure we can find more work for you Chris!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Left turn at Albuquerque.

We were able to visit Matt's grandparents last weekend.  They live South of Albuquerque.  We actually get to take a left at Albuquerque!!  Hahahaha!  (If you don't understand you really need to watch some old Looney Tunes.)  Matt and the boys were able to help out Popper with a big job.  And the girls got to hang with Grandmother and do some cooking.  The kids love to be there.  I am so glad they are getting to know their great-grandparents.  What a blessing.

Micah made the guys take a break.

Her daddy really needed to hold her.

There was so much rock!  They had to fill an old decorative stream bed with a big truckload of this stuff.

Of course a Big Red gives a little bit of motivation.

Daddy, you might be a little big for that tractor.

This guy worked so hard.  He didn't just help in a little kid way, he helped like a man!

Jolie took most of these.  She is quite the photographer.  I love her POV.

These boys have a special relationship with Popper.  They would do just about anything he asked.

I have this same picture with all of our babies.  Grandmother, in her chair, rocking and singing.

"What Grandmother?"
"Oh! This piggy went to market!"

Precious times with precious family!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Go read Mitera!!

If you haven't been to check it out before, go read Mitera.  My sweet friend has put together another wonderful issue.  There are several article that spoke to meTopics such as teen dating, what to do when you are an introverted mother and teaching our boys to protect our girls.  LOVE!!!  Support this Christian magazine.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ready for the green!

Oh yes, it's that time!!!  Thanks to Seed Savers and Baker Creek for the delicious varieties of heirloom produce.  I would highly recommend ordering their catalogs for next year.  They are always beautiful and so welcome in the grey cold of January.

 I am so anxious to grow something that I tried growing the end of my celery.  It does grow!  Not sure what the end result will be but it's nice to see green.

This is old faithful.  My precious starter pot of Sedum that Grandmother gave me years ago.  It always is the first thing to come back and I split it into different pots every year.  It grows like crazy!

The fun part about spring in a new home is seeing what pops up.  I wonder what this will be?

If anyone can tell me what this is, I would be very happy.  It's fern-like, grows on the ground and puts off these seed shoots (pictured in the upper left corner.)  It is all around here.  It may be a weed.

Whoo hoo for several different kinds of mint!  We will have lots of mint punch this summer!

I have been eye-balling this melon for a few seasons but never ordered it.  This year is the year.  I pray God is faithful in allowing these beauties to grow.

My brother and sister-in-law planted these one year and used them to make "pumpkin" pies.  They were the best I had ever had!  Can't wait to try them on my own.