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Monday, April 29, 2013

The grand reveal of my nephew: GT3

Last week was an adventure.  Monday afternoon I got a call from my mom.  My sister was in labor with her 3rd baby!  It happened to be a perfect time for me to pack up myself and Micah, leave the big kids in Matt's care and drive on to New Mexico.

Of course as soon as I got down the road, the car started doing something funny.  Oh well.  It's just bad gas I told myself.

When I was too far to turn around, I realized it was more than bad gas.  There was a big problem!  We were in the middle of an hour and a half stretch of nothing.  I prayed that God would be merciful and allow Micah and I to make out of the wilderness and into town.  Not sure how the Israelites survived the unknown for 40 years in the desert.  I was done at about 40 minutes.

We pulled into town and made it to my parents front drive just in time to see them jumping in the car with my 2 nieces.  It was time!!  Our baby was coming into the world.  I was able to get my car back on the road and drive to the hospital.  We had made it.  I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving and amazement.
Walking to L&D

Sooo excited!

Babies are always exciting in our family.  Everyone anticipates the birth.  Many phone calls are made to the mother in the weeks leading up to delivery.  You see, we don't mess around when it comes to laborWe like to go early and we like to go fast!  

But this birth was even more exciting.  My stinker of a sister likes to wait until the baby is born to find out the sex.   The nerve of some people!

We were biting our nails in the waiting room.  My sister's girls Ava and Liv were more patient than all of us!

 Well, we did get a little silly.  It was way past our bedtimes.

Finally, the doors opened.  Out came new papa George.

  We followed him to the room and there was my beautiful sister and her new baby....they still wouldn't tell us what the baby was.

They made us guess!  

30 seconds seemed like an eternity before my sister said, "It's a boy!!"  Oh my goodness!  A little brother!

I was so excited for them.  I wanted my sister to feel the special bond between a mother and her son. 

 I wanted daddy George to have a namesake and a partner.
I think it is love.

I wanted the girls to have an understanding of men that only women with brothers have.

Mr. George Tre Flores III will do all of those things nicely.  Precious little man.  

God told me about you.

He told me you were coming to meet us.  On the road, I prayed for you and asked for your safe delivery.  God said you would be a boy and that I was to pray blessing over you.  That when I held you, I was to pray for the anointing of God to be on your life.  You my sweet boy, are special.  I will continue to pray.  God has much in store for you baby.

Thank you Heather and George for allowing me to be a part of this time.       


Oh and P.S.  When God wants you to be somewhere, he will get you there.  My car broke down completely on the way back from the hospital.  I am sure He was the author of my trip and the sustain-er of my car.  Thank you God that your ways are higher than mine!  If I had gotten my way, I would have turned around out of fear and missed out on all of this!  You are good in all of your ways.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Mary G's orchard...

When Matt was a boy, he would go to visit his dad for the summer.  Rod was a NM State Policeman so he had to work while the boys were with him.  

 Matt's summers in Northern New Mexico with his big brother gave way to some days with nothing to do.  On those days they might have caused a bit of trouble.  They might have knocked a hole or two in the wall while wrestling.  But what else are two young boys to do but find trouble?

Thankfully they were blessed with an angel.  This was an angel with curly, dyed, dark-black hair, an angel who could talk a mile a minute, an angel who liked Arby's sandwiches and ice cream cones, an angel they called Aunt Mary G.

Mary Goetz was cousin to some friends who lived nearby.  She came from Yuba City, California every year to visit her New Mexico friends and family.   

When she met Rod and his sweet little boys, she immediately adopted them as her own.  I don't know if she felt sorry for the boys or if she just needed company on her adventures.  Whatever the case, they belonged to her.

When Rod had to work, she would pick up Matt and Galen and drive them all over the place.  They went to see the local sites and Native ruins.  They would stop to take pictures or just explore an old building on the side of the road.  Two little boys have never been so lucky.

Matt tells a story about Mary G wanting to climb a hill near their house.  Now they boys climbed that hill all of the time.  But Aunt Mary?  She was close to 70 years old!  Aunt Mary insisted.  So they climbed to the top.  She made it!  Then she got a wild hair.  

"I wonder if I could run all the way down."

Matt and Galen did everything they could to convince her not to try.  She insisted, again.  She took off slowly.  But as she got further down the hill, her little legs just got faster and fasterFinally her legs couldn't keep up and she flopped forward into a barbed-wire fence.

She was okay and laughing all the way.  It scared the boys to death.  But in the end, they did what they always did with Aunt Mary, they laughed with her. 

She was always like that.  She saw the best in everything.  I remember talking to her about a stomach bug she was getting over.  I told her how sorry I was that she was sick.  She said, "Oh you know I don't like to pass anything up."  What a lady!

    Aunt Mary G never had any children of her own but she counted all of us as her babies.  She could always make us laugh and always make us feel special.

We were so sad when we learned that this year, at 91, she had passed away.  Such fondness we hold for her in our hearts.  She was a precious person.

It surprised us to learn that she had left Rod's kids a bit of money when she passed.  It was such a sweet thing for her to do.  She didn't have to do it.  But it was such a blessing to us.  It allowed us to get a few things for our new homestead.  

It also allowed us to plant a small orchard that we lovingly call Aunt Mary's orchard.

I know she is with Jesus clapping her hands with joy.  Thank you Aunt Mary G for loving us!  We hope you felt the love we all had for you.