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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Garden 1

Oh joy and happiness! It is planting season again! I love the newness of all things green. I love the smell of dirt that has been cradled beneath a crust of winter. I just stinkin' love being outside! I want to share with you, what I do in my garden to prepare and grow the most wonderful of God's creation. Fooooooood!

This time of year is cool-weather crop planting and warm-weather seed starting. I am not quite ready to start seed but for the first time have planted onions, potatoes and garlic. I am very excited to see how they grow. You know, no matter how many seasons I plant, I am always amazed when stuff actually grows. It seems like magic. Not magic, just a Creator who is very consistent in his design. Amazing that a little seed will use dirt and water to make something delicious to nourish our bodies.
These are seed taters.

Now they are in their new dirt home!

These are onions. In a month I will pull up every other one for green onions and leave the rest with more space for bulbing.

Here they are in the really not straight row that I lovingly planted. Who cares about straight?

Here are some other spring beauties to enjoy. I hope all of you are considering doing even a pot of herbs. If you can start small you can build as you learn. I add something new every year!

Doesn't he look like a child from the old days? I just loved this.

And here he is. I just love him too!

Tell me what you are planting this year!!! I would love to hear.


Rachel said...

Well this year we've got a lot more planting room so my goal is to try and grow all the veggies we normally eat! Lofty idea I know! For sure tomatoes, spinach,lettuce,carrots, onions,cucumbers,squash,jalapenos,bell pepper, green beans and I'm going to ATTEMPT 2 or 3 different herbs again (cross your fingers). Last years herbs were sad pitiful little baby plants that never stood a chance!

Beth said...

Hey Rachelle! I am blessed to have plenty of room to garden BUT we live in the middle of 46 acres of pecan trees so too much shade is my problem come mid-summer. We have found a new place to try our garden this year though so wish me luck! Tomatoes seem to be my forte as they were plentiful up til November this past year! I also have a few fruit trees and would love your advice on what to do with a plethora of peaches and apples? I have never canned. I just freeze. I must admit, I was pretty "city" before finding Teak. Now, I couldn't imagine life any other way! :) I look forward to reading all about your garden and I will keep you up to date on mine as well! XOXO


mamadrama said...

Beth- If you can grow tomatoes then you have the best of the summer garden already! You will be golden for the rest. If you are willing to put time, care and water to a garden (and prayer, I always pray!) then it should take care of you! As for the fruit, I would freeze also. But one of my favorite things to do is jelly. Peach jelly or jam would be awesome and apple butter would be so dreamy. I wish I had more fresh fruit to play with! I hope your new site works out. I would love to see the progress!
Rachel- I am so excited to see how your garden grows! The only real advice I have is research everything! I have done trial and error more times than I like to admit! The first few years I did peppers I got nothin'. Last season I ate my weight in bell peppers and canned about the same in jalapenos! So don't give up if something doesn't work the first time! Oh and I think herbs are made to haze you into gardening. They always try to make you feel pathetic. Rosemary is my nemesis right now!
Love all you gardening homies!

molly said...

maybe i will try to plant ONE thing this year...but i truly suck at it! We grew pumpkins one year and had enough for ALL the family and neighbors for October and November! It was great! If only I could be guaranteed success again!

Emily Suzanne said...

I'm going to attempt to plant some things in pots this year since we're in a rental... we'll see! You've inspired me, woman!