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Monday, February 20, 2012


This is another piece of furniture that Matt rebuilt for me.  We found it in the trash.

I love everything about it!  Thanks honey!

Pintrest is great.  Matt made these monster-knee patches for Levi.

Hi there cutie.

My son Asher would make the best janitor.  He is so thorough and hard working.  Plus he makes great warning signs.  This one shows that slipping on this wet floor will defiantly make your head pop off.

We got a beautiful snow!  The kids had a ball.


Asher's snow angel.

Levi didn't get to go out but we brought the snow to him.  He is a big fan of eating snow.  This is a good way to make sure he eats the clean stuff. 

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Carrie said...

Your posts make me smile! When do we get to see you in a pic? I mean, really, I'm a bajillion miles away, and I wanna see some baby bump goin' on! :-)
Love you!