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Monday, April 23, 2012

We caught a ride on the potty train!!!

I have been scared to say it out loud.  But my baby boy is POTTY-TRAINED!!!  I was going to wait until the baby got here and we were all settled into a routine.  I didn't want the stress of taking a toddler to the potty, accidents and struggling to get them to go in an unfamiliar place.  But Levi was determined.  He started asking to go in the potty.  How could I say no? 

So we began about 2 weeks ago.  He did really well with the pee.  That was very easy for him.  Only a couple of accidents early on.  Pooping?  That's a different issue all together.  It has always been the hard part for my boys.  There has got to be a scientific explanation for it.  My daughter was easy to poop-train.  Why do boys resist it so? 

He had a few accidents in the beginning but mostly just refused to go.  This week he has caught on.  It still takes him a couple of tries but he actually pooped in the big potty this afternoon, not the training potty he had been using!  Only parents can understand how delightful this is!

So now we wait for the baby.  We will see how he does after she gets here.  Hopefully we will not have much regression.  At least we have had a great start! 

Good job Weebies!!  The whole family is proud!

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Prairie Rose said...

Such a grown up boy, he is!