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Monday, November 12, 2012

Campout at the new house

Asher celebrated his 9th birthday this month.  In celebration he did his usual.  A camp out!  We have done these camp outs in various places.  This year our new backyard was the perfect spot.  So we got some hot dogs, put up the tent and watched the boys roll in.  It was stinky boy (and dad) heaven.

Bet you didn't know this is how you use a wheelbarrow.  Levi was helping his daddy set up.
Ta-dah!  Vanna White, look out!
Asher and sweet Blake ready to get their camp on.

Lovely little spot right in our own backyard.

Some of the dudes.

Sitting around the fire.  They had so much fun!

Happy birthday to my Asher.  I am so happy that you are mine!

It was cold so baby girl got Daddy's hat.

Jolie had to be a civil war heroin at her school's wax museum.  They all had to memorize their bios and recite them to whomever stood in front of them.

She did a great job!  Go Jolie!

Oh boy.  Been out in the country for 3 weeks and we have a black eye.  *sigh*

My hair has been an issue for me the past few months.  I really wanted to cut it when Micah was born but didn't.  I finally got sick of it.  I called for an appointment and got in the next day.  When I decide something, I want it fast.
The weight of the world is no longer on my head!  I love it and am wondering why I didn't do it sooner.  It will be much easier to care for.  and I won't be sporting a ponytail everyday.  Happy mama!

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