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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The girls...and guys.

This is what we have been waiting for!  Tiny and perfect.  These first eggs are treasured for their deep color and small size.  We just think they are precious.  :)

Here is my favorite girl, Ninja.  She is HUGE and feisty.  I don't think she is laying yet but I know she will be a good mama one day.

Here is Magooster.  He is our rooster.  We got 2 bantam chicks.  He is the bigger one and a very tender fellow.  He takes good care of his girls, calling them when he finds a good treat or chasing off a cat if it gets too close. 

Here we have our second bantam.  We called it Mama Banny because she was smaller than our big boy.  But one morning I looked out to see our Mama Banny crowing at the rising sun.  So she is now Mini Man.  And poor guy, he has little-man syndrome. 

Soon we will have enough eggs to meet our needs.  In total we have 13 layers who should give us a dozen eggs a day for a year or two.  They are the best tasting eggs!  We feel blessed to have these girls.
Next spring we are hoping to raise some chickens to butcher.  I love the idea of being a good steward of the food that we raise to eat.  Being there for every step seems right. 
 If we are going to eat it, we should be able to raise it and butcher it ourselves.  We will see if I am still so brave after the first slaughter.    

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