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Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break in New Mexico

And the zoo fun beings!

There is always that element of danger at the zoo.  Falling into the water at this point in our day would have been a bad deal.

My sweet girl

Zaddie was impressed with the giant catfish.

My Weebies.

Asher my man.  Growing up.
A mama-selfie

3-2-1 and teenager.  She is a pretty sweet one.  Micah loves her Toto.

On the train to the aquarium.
This was my favorite part!  The aquarium restaurant  is worth the cost.  The giant tank is amazing.

Oh Weebies.  Love my girl.

We were there when the diver went in to feed the turtles.  Very cool!

They had some pretty impressive things in that tank.

The result of our day.
A precious car-load of happy and exhausted kids.
Back at Grandmother and Popper's Micah had to see some of Grandmother's tiny shoe collection.

She is just one of a long line of little girls who has tried to stuff her foot in one.

Maybe the bear?


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