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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sacred Solution for thoughtful health.

I am not a big product endorsement girl.  I don't do sales.  But this particular business is close to my heart. 
I am a huge believer in the power of the body to heal itself.  Occasionally, it needs to be supported.  The best way to support the body is with proper diet, exercise, hydration and by using what God has given us to heal.  One of my favorite things to use is essential oils.
The popularity of essential oils has grown from the "crunchy" moms, to main-stream.  Companies such as Young Living and doTerra, have introduced the general public to the benefits of plant medicine.
If you are like me, you love oils but aren't committed to learning all you need to know to make them work for you.  Luckily, I know a lady.
I have know this sweet thing since high school.  She is a super mom, a dedicated wife, a lover of the Lord and a spectacular L&D nurse who stepped away from her career to pursue another passion.  She is one of my soul sisters.
Charity and her husband Chris have created
I have ordered from them in the past and have loved everything they have sent me!  It gives me the opportunity to use the oils I love without having to do the dirty work.  And by dirty work I mean, researching and creating fantastic products with the best ingredients.  Not to mention the packaging.  It is so pretty, you know you are using something special.
I got my latest order in the mail today.  The Immune Boost helped me get through last sick season.  This stuff works!  I use Boo Boo balm as I would use anti-bacterial ointment.  My kids ask for it all of the time  It has helped heal some nasty cuts and scrapes.

Consider using Sacred Solutions.  They have produced a wide variety of products.  From bug spray to lip balm, anti-aging face oil to a line of items for baby and mom; they all do what they say they will do!
Thank you to Charity and Chris for creating such delicious goodies.  I will be placing another order soon!  Next, I am getting some naturally anti-bacterial, foaming hand soap and some Lavender Citrus Hand Lotion!

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