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Thursday, August 28, 2014


I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year.  I love the coming coolness of Fall, I love the sounds of school, I love the bounty of the garden.  I hate staring at that bounty and not having time to process it.  I hate the mess that processing creates.  I hate cooking dinner after I have canned all day.  Love it or hate it, the time is here.
This is the recipe I used for my first tomato sauce experience.  I followed it with the exception of using a food mill or strainer.  I like the skin and seeds.  Extra fiber and nutrition never bothered me.  Plus, I will be using this in other recipes so I doubt it will ever be noticed.
My sweet neighbors had an excess of tomatoes and were so kind to share.
 I cored them and cut out any bad spots. 
(Notice the nice new GIANT sink?!)

Then I cut the tomatoes into quarters.

I stewed them for 20 minutes.
I let them cool a bit before I processed them until they were smooth.  This took awhile because I had to do the 'maters in small batches.
Then it went back into the pot to simmer with the lid off so it will reduce into sauce.
Then I packed it into hot jars and water-bathed them for 40 minutes.  I can't wait to use them!
My joy at being done with that job was short-lived.  This was waiting for me!

Dilly beans!!!
I love to see the jars lined up.
It would not be a canning day if this did not happen at least once.  It is always disappointing.

Goodbye little jalapeños.
It's hard to be sad for long with this little toot around!

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