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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Father's day.

 These kids sure love their daddy.  They were so excited to celebrate him.  It makes me happy to see their giving hearts and hear their sweet thoughts about dad. 

Jolie did a creative poster poem filled with candy.

 Levi found some great little tools that he thought were perfect.
Zaddok got a hex-key set that is all connected so you can't lose them!

Asher got his daddy a tarp that he knew he needed.

Micah found a little tiny hammer that she, I mean Daddy just had to have.  :)

The kids purchased the gifts with their own money which means so much more to them than if I funded it.  We also got him a new air compressor as his was on its last leg.  Dinner was daddy-style with steaks and taters and banana pudding for desert.  It was a special day!

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