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Monday, April 19, 2010

Apparently I don't have time to run a good blog.

The days just get away from me. I think about blogging and then I continue on to my 5000 other things that I have to do before I sit down. Then when I finally sit,(at midnight!), I don't want to think. So I am sorry that I have not paid any attention to my blog family. I still love you the same and think about you often. Please don't break up with me!

I will update you on my little plant babies. They are growing and doing as they should. I am rather shocked! I have not been the best seedling mommy. I got brave and put them out in the sun one beautiful afternoon. I burned them. I wanted to cry. They were all sad looking. The healthy green color they had displayed had been replaced with bits of gray and withered edges. I prayed that God would restore His creation and it looks like He wanted the same thing. It's been a few days and they are all still alive and putting on new leaves!

Second, for those of you who don't believe in child-labor, I say, give it a try! (As long as the children belong to you or are borrowed from a source that you trust.) They can really do some good if given the proper direction. These little loves were helping to get all of the grass out of the garden so that we could lay a straw mulch. They did a great job! Of course they all trailed off one at a time until I was left alone. But it was good while it lasted.

These are my greatest flower success! They should be bright-orange marigolds here shortly!

This is lettuce! I can't wait to have fresh salads.

The garlic is on the left, onion on the right.

This weedy looking thing is the plant that grows from those little seed potatoes! I had given up on them but they finally came bursting from the ground.

Just pretty!

I love these little boogers! So glad to see them here!

My oregano came back. It was the only herb to return. Boo.

This is the jungle in our backyard. We are saving it for our little chickie-babies who will be here next week!

Wild garlic that has bloomed!

My own busy little bee!


Rachel said...

Maybe a little adversity will be good for your seedlings! My dad was just telling me that when they grew tomatoes when he was younger they used to wait for a hailstorm or beat the tomato bushes with sticks so the tomatoes would produce more tomatoes! Your plants are looking good!

mamadrama said...

Thanks girlie! I have heard of that! I am not sure why it works and I probably won't try it but I love to hear how they used to do it. :)