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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gold Money

That is the name of one our newest family members! We have Gold Money, Fireball, Sadie, Chocolate Chip, Levi Jr. and Nutsy. Our chicks arrived yesterday and are happily pecking away in the brooder.

The kids have not left them yet.

I had to put a limit on the handling because new chicks are delicate. They might just fall over dead from the fear of a child-style mauling. So we have 3 daily handling times and that has worked well. They still sit obsessively by the brooder watching and laughing. It is very cute!

We will, in the next few weeks be building a coop and yard for them. I will update fo sho!

In other matters, home school has been sucking the life out of all of us. We are very ready for a break. I think I am the most ready. I guess I am just tired of being bossy mom AND bossy teacher. I am ready for some no-stress fun. I want to be the playful parent instead of the heavy. Do you ever feel like you are always the heavy? It's kind of my personality I know. But every now-and-then, I would like to be the one bending the rules and being the favorite. So I would like summer to get here soon. I am in the mood for the pool, late nights and lazy days. All those in favor say Aye!

Anyhow, I am so happy we now are complete with our gangsta rap chick g-money and our super hero chick Fireball! There is nothing else more beautiful.

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Rachel said...

Aye! I'm ready for the lazy days of summer too! Joey is picking up our chicks today after them being backordered 2 times-so excited this will be a first for us...should be interesting!