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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Plant and chicken update

Everything is coming up roses...and tomatoes and squash and peppers. The garden is in full swing. All of the seeds have taken off. Now we let the growing happen. We fertilized with fish emulsion today. Smells like a lake but veggies love it! Here is some info for my gardening buddies.

This is my picture journal of our progress.

Sweet little green beans saved from last year's crop!

Tiny cucumber that will make pickles for me!

Levi is very interested in the chicks. They have gotten much bigger and hungrier!

Marigolds that I grew from seed. I can't believe they made it!

This is as far as I go with flowers. A few pots to pretty up the porch and I'm happy.

Potato flower! We hope that means potatoes underground.

I love macro! One day I will get myself a lens.

These are just some pics of my silly little boys. They seem to grow plentiful around here.