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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The joys of fresh produce!

This afternoon, Matt and I had salads made with fresh stuff from the garden. Two kinds of lettuce, oregano and some green onion came directly from the dirt and into our bowls. We did add some tomatoes, avocado and cucumber from the store but it was still delicious. We added some feta cheese and a home made vinaigrette that made it perfect! It makes me excited for the bounty of summer. Here is a pic of the before. I meant to take a pic of the after but got too excited about eating and forgot.

It was a busy week last week. We had family come into town for a dance recital and a baseball game. It was so special to have friends and family to share the fun stuff with. We had a great time and Jolie did a fab job dancing. Asher had a good game and showed off for his grandparents. We feel so blessed to have these kiddos! Here are a few pics.

Our chicks are in the ugly teenager chicken phase. They are losing the cute chick fuzz and have sparse feathers growing in. It's pretty funny. They are fun to watch and are afraid of everything. I can't wait to get them outside!

My son.


molly said...

LOVING your blog and YOU my friend! Please keep up the great work! I think you have a wonderful knack for taking photos and I love to see your "art" as much as reading your words/thoughts! I miss you since I dropped my facebook acct so I LOVE your blog even more!
PS: that bike is SO you! :) Love it!

mamadrama said...

Hey thanks Molly! I miss "seeing" you on FB. I am really enjoying the blog and just found out that I can print it and bind it like a journal! It would be cool to keep for my kids one day. Hope you are feeling good! Would love to see pics soon!