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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Second Annual Mullins Women Canning Day

I have been experimenting with canning for years. As a little girl I enjoyed eating my grandmother's canned goods. Then, shortly after I first met my MIL she taught me how to make jelly. Now, I have a sweet SIL who shares my passion for the garden and for preserving what we grow. This kindredness has led to our yearly canning/preserving event. My MIL brings tons of red and green chile and tomatoes from a wonderful little farm called Sichlers Farms in Los Lunas. We get better every year at putting things away in an efficient manner. We canned 66 lbs of tomatoes, bagged 3 sacks of chile and pickled tons of random veggies in a total of about 6 hrs. It was work but it was also fun to do together. Of course we ended the day by going out to eat. Who wants to cook after all that?

This is how we like to start our day. Great Harvest cinnamon rolls and coffee. What a treat!

The beautiful bags of tomatoes.

The troops are already busy.

You must treat your tomatoes to an ice bath sometime. They love it!

Aren't they beautiful?

Amanda whippin' up on some jalapenos and Serrano peppers.

These puppies were going all day!

The really delicious fruits of our labor.

Oh I can't wait to taste these. Pickled okra, bread and butter squash and jalapenos.

This has little to do with our canning but my bro-in-law Galen has started making these beautiful butcher blocks. You can put in your order in the comments section. :)

I would love to hear about some of your family traditions or yearly events. It doesn't have to be food realted, just share!

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Grandmolly said...

Great pictures of a fun time!