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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My heart outside of my body.

You have probably heard the saying, "Having children is like having your heart walk around outside of your body." It sounds cheesy but it is stinkin' true. Some days, I look at my babies and cannot even comprehend the amount of love I feel. I mean, mothers are supposed to love their children, but I think I might be obsessed. Take this series of pictures I am about to show you. Just looking at them makes me want to have more babies! The joy my little people have brought to me is just about unbearable. You mommies know the kind of joy I'm talking about. It's the painful, stressful, mournful, confusing, harassing, draining, anxiety-riddled kind of joy. Mom joy. We are a weird breed of people. The only way any of human-kind has survived is by the sheer will and determination of our mothers, not to kill us. It's hard to imagine that I will soon be stressed out and annoyed by this little booger. But that is what kids do, they grow up to annoy us. Mom joy. Ahhhhhh. There is nothing like it.

I had to wake my sleeping baby the other morning. It was very hard not to crawl in bed with him. He is very soft and squishy like a little warm pillow.

Just look how comfy he is. I just couldn't wake him. I could only photograph him. (bad lighting=fuzzy photo)

Oh my. He woke. With a smile. Oh, my heart.

Well, since he's awake, I will turn on the flash. It is not appreciated.

On second thought...maybe it's not so bad.

Still a little groggy.

But always happy and ready to start his day!

A day full of practicing ways to annoy his mother. Climbing onto the coffee table works Levi.

"What? I'm just helping out with the mom joy."

Abba, help me to love, teach and direct this baby boy into your perfect will. You are my desire for him. Hold his heart, teach him the fruits of the Spirit, grow his faith. Father, make him a man after your very own heart. Amen


Anonymous said...

You are a precious mom Chelle. Love you Aunt Pam

nana said...

Oh my NANA heart!!! Precious.....

Grandmolly said...

OMG! A little Matt-clone!!!!

Mike, Morgan, Aidan, and Lucas said...

Aw, this post brought tears to this mama's eyes! Loved the precious words and the precious pics.

Charity Martin said...

This is a totally perfect and precious description of motherhood! I couldn't have summed it up better if I tried!