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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The mini-nutcracker!

Jolie is in a dance program at the university here in town.  It is a small program but it is run by the dance students from the university's Fine Arts program.  They are great teachers and the girls have so much fun together.  This year they had a holiday party for the academy which included some of the big girls putting on a performance of The Nutcracker.  It was a mini-version. 
The night started with games, crafts and food!  These are just some of the girls.

This is Jolie and McKenzie dancing as friends of Clara.

Here they are as soldiers fighting with the mice!

This is the moment where they save the Nutcracker and return him to Clara.

This is the group of Chinese Sweet Oranges dancing in the land of sweets.

Miss Chelsea is Jolie's teacher and the director of the program.  She danced in the real Nutcraker in Amarillo this year.  She and our sweet friend Merik were the Sugar Plum Fairy and Sugar Plum Little Fairy.

This is the whole group of dancers.  It was a sweet time. 

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