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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Program time continues.

Asher and Jolie both had school programs this last week. While they can be stressful with the crowds and our crazy schedules, they are always sweet. The kids enjoy having something special to be a part of.  Jolie, along with the whole 3rd and 4th grade, did a great job with the patriotic and fanciful presentation.  It was neat to see so many kids come together for a common purpose.  They all knew their spots and jobs.  It was great.  

My child is the very very white one with a red shirt.  She is to the top of the center of the crowd. 

Awwww, it makes me want to chant USA, USA, USA!

I loved this.  It is obviously the shape of our great country.  What makes it even more wonderful is that Texas is outlined within the country.  That is very Texan of us.   

Beautiful.  The kids paid tribute to every branch of our military.  Man, I always cry at these things!

Jolie, Cole (my nephew) and Isaac (a family friend) stole the show!

Asher had his winter production of Dot the Penguin.  Doesn't the set look like the most perfect kid's play.  It' s like a movie set or something.  Our music teacher Ms. Shippy does a great job!

These were the tigers.  They were great.  Very wild and scary. 

Zoe was the cutest little penguin.  She memorized a lot of lines! 

These are our biggest fans.  Aunt Halie and Kaitlyn.  They are college girls, therefore, they had just rolled out of bed right before the performance started.  Such dedication.

There is absolutely no explanation for what is going on here.  I apologize. 

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Brandon and April said...

ha! that is SOOO very Texan of us! :) But, honestly, if someone outlined Ohio in it, we'd just be like, "what's that blob over there?" But everyone knows what Texas looks like! :)