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Thursday, January 20, 2011


I posted this one year ago this week.  It is amazing to me that she has been gone a year.  I know this past 12 months has been so hard and full of unexpected feelings, reactions and heartaches.  I love you girls so much and pray that the healing continues.  Your mama was a special lady.  I miss her sweet face.  Much peace and love today...

This week the world suffered a most tragic loss. Janet Brown, my sweet Michelle's mama, died in surgery after unexpected heart trouble. I have to say, I did not get to spend enough time with Janet during the time I knew her. Our visits were a birthday party or a Discovery Center day here and there. But the times that I was able to share with her left a lasting warm feeling in my heart. She was the ultimate mama. I'm sure there were times when I held her hugs just a little too long because they felt cushy, soft and familiar. She made me feel as welcome as if I were her own. (I do kinda look like I fit with her girls!) She treated my babies with the patience and tenderness of a grandma. And she even bought me donuts a few times!

I think the most honorable thing about Janet is spoken most perfectly through her girls. They are beautiful, kind and caring people. They love to laugh, talk and reminisce. They love their babies and can be the protective mama bear or the silly mama clown. (or Aunt Rachel!) They hold fast to their convictions and live life to serve. That is truly "Janet style".

I know the family's pain is great. I am missing her so and I only got to spend a few years with her. I know this wound will never heal. She has left a void and always will be remembered. There will be the "I wish mom was here" times and the "I just need my mama now" times. I can't even imagine how hard this journey will be. But we who are in the faith know that Janet is telling us she will see us in a minute. She is not sad, she is dancing and worshiping and seeing the things the rest of us dream for. But for those of us left here on Earth to continue our journeys, she has left us better for knowing her and so sad to not have her with us.

Michelle, Carrie and Rachel, I love you girls and am praying God's peace for you. You girls are precious to me.


Megan (Best of Fates) said...

A beautiful memorial. Sometimes I feel like a child about death - I understand it's forever, but every time I think about it, it still blows my mind.

Rachelle said...

My MIL gave me a quote that gives a little hope. "She will be a much bigger part of your future than your past." We have hope in that eternity and in knowing that, through Yeshua Jesus, we are not conquered by the grave.