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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter gulity pleasure.

If you have read my blog for awhile, you know that I love to garden.  Besides bread-making, it is my favorite activity.  I love to grow food for my family.  It makes me feel good to feed them from dirt I am familiar with. 
So more than likely if you know that about me, then you have seen my obsession with seed and seedlings.  Check out this blog if you are confused.  Spring garden 2  3 and 4 

So last week I got this in the mail...

If you have never visited their site, you should.  Order the catalog.  It is one for the coffee table.  It is beautiful and interesting and I could look through it for hours.  I wish I had more room to plant more varieties of seed.  You can't imagine the things you can grow!

Here are a few of the new things I would like to try this year.  (These varieties and pictures are all from Baker Creek.)

The Green Doctor is a new variety of cherry tomato!

Jing Orange okra.  Doesn't it look gorgeous! 

Orange purple smudge tomato.  So ugly it's beautiful.

I've had my eye on the Moon and Stars melon for years.  I really want to grow it this year!

This is called Red Wonder Wild Strawberry.  I "wonder" if it's a strawberry I can actually grow! 

So, as you can see, the craziness is starting up again!  I will now draw out approximately 15 different garden plans and proceed to purchase more seed than I can possibly use to go with the seed I have left from last year.  It's a sickness. 

What are you looking forward to planting this year?  Is it a new variety or the one you loved last year.  Or is it your hiney in a chair beside the pool?  We all have our weaknesses. 


Brandon and April said...

I'm so impressed with you! WOW!! I definitely will not be attempting 15 different garden plants. I'm just hoping I can figure out a way to grow basil or oregano in China!! :)

Rachel said...

Are we on the same wavelength or what? Thanks for the suggestion I'm going over to their website now. Happy garden dreaming!