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Thursday, August 11, 2011

What to do with the things we grow...

This is where the child labor comes in.  And it is just dandy.  All kidding aside, it's good for them.  They get to be a part of the cycle of our home.  They have responsibilities.  They feel like an important link in the chain.  Plus, now that they are bigger, it really cuts down my load!  They are actually helpful.  I have come to depend on them.  I love that bond we have built.  I am hoping that knowing what goes into running a household will make them more thoughtful about how they live. 

My Asher-man loves to help in the kitchen.  I put him on food processor duty!

I know, I know.  This looks dangerous.  But we have taught him how to work safely with a knife.
See how good he does!

Jolie was helping too so Levi decided that he needed to help.  So we gave him a "baby" knife and a banana. 
He did just what his siblings were doing. 

I took the zucchini that the kids sliced for me and blanched it to prepare it for freezing.

Then I packed it, in usable portions, into freezer bags

We also did some in shreds for breads and spaghetti sauce.  It's a good way to trick the kids into eating zucchini.

This is a very special jar.  It is not only a neat jar, but it belonged to my Great-Grandmother Gilger. 
Isn't is beautiful?

My sweet Papa gave me this jar too.  It is special to be surrounded by things that belonged to people that I love!

I have been in a canning state of mind.  These green beauties are going to be pickled!  Our peppers have done great this year.

I get the whole clean kitchen thing.  I do love it when mine is clean.  But this is how I really like to see it!
Lots of hours of love have been poured out in this place.

Lots of love and lots of yummy things.
 These babies will be just delicious on a big bowl of chili or beans this winter!


jeana said...

I love how you include them! We have out boys help out too, like when we laid sod. We really want them to know that running a household is hard work and includes everyone in the family. I hope to have a garden next year. Your veggies are lovely!

luckybunny said...

I think it's great to get everyone involved too. And all those extra hands, no matter what size, help!

Anonymous said...

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