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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The faces...

We had some exciting news to share with our kids.  So we took them to the park and had them sit on the grass together.  As their daddy was telling them the news, I shot pictures. 

Here they are waiting patiently.

Levi split, so we just told the big kids. 

Here's the shock!

Now the awe.  Except for Zadook.

Now the jubilation.  Except for Zaddok.  He didn't seem to be processing the information.  As few seconds after we took this photo, Zaddok said, "What did you say?"  Poor guy.  He hadn't heard what his daddy had said and was trying to figure out why everyone else was so excited.

This photo was taken right after daddy repeated the news, "Mama has a new baby in her tummy!"  Zaddok got it that time.

They were so excited!  We are all so excited!

Dog pile mom and the new baby!

When Jolie came to me to get a hug, I looked down at her and she had big tears pouring down her face.  I was afraid she was upset.  I asked her if she they were sad or happy tears.  She assured me that they were happy!

Sweet girl!  The only problem is that she is sure it is a girl.  She wants a sister so badly.  We are praying for a healthy baby but also that the desire of Jolie's heart, to have a sister to share her life with, would be recognized.

What blessing we have! 

Lots of blessing.  Thank you Father for the blessing of children.  May we be good stewards of that blessing. 


shelby said...

OHHHHHHHH MMMMYYYYYY Im so excited for you guys!! Thats awesome.. as i was scrolling I just thought the baby didnt want another BABY around but Im glad to know he couldnt hear!! :) Love it CONGRATS

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww congrrats!

jeana said...

I'm SO happy for you guys. Praying right along with you guys and Jolie =]

Jaclyn Hicks said...

Oh, I was hoping this was the news!! The sweet look on the kiddos faces is priceless! Praying for a healthy babe (and, if it's meant to be, a little girl to pal around with an older sister). Congratulations!

shelby said...

ok so i came back to read this story again before my game because those pictures are TOO CUTE!! Then i realized when i said baby- Levi was only in picture one, im sure he was catching a butterfly, falling off the monkeybars or standing in between your legs while taking pictures. Anywho i meant the baby of the bunch you were photographing. Im SO EXCITED FOR YOU TOO!!!!!

Noelle Kelley said...

Oh happy day! So excited for you guys. I love that you love your children, and I love that you want more children. Makes my heart happy, always! Congrats again!

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

Thanks all! I love sharing news with such great friends. :)

(Shelby, Zaddok is so still the baby even though he has a little brother!)

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Yay! Congratulations! I was thinking that was the exciting news...what better news could there possibly be?! ;)
You have a beautiful family. Praying for a healthy baby and smooth pregnancy!

Kristin said...

So, so, so happy for you!
What a blessing!
This post brought tears to my eyes.
Praying for you and the baby.
Thank you for dharing with all of us!

Brandon and April said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! WoW!! I teared up reading this just thinking of Jolie crying! Oh what a fun blessing! Hoping for a girl also! :)

Rosita Designs said...

been meaning to stop by & say congrats! and, i hope jolie gets her sissy - no girl should have to go through life without a sissy! fingers crossed! ;)