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Friday, September 30, 2011

The skate park.

Our kids are skate park punks.  They love to go do some shredding with all of the other cool dudes.  So Matt and I like to go along to make sure our kids are extra cool.  You know, parents plus the skate park equals total radness.  This particular day, we were the only people there so we got to run around like crazy. 

They look so tiny down there!

This is so Asher's thing.

Even the wrecks.

Zad's bike had a flat so he did some freestyle walking.

Who knew it could be so fun?!

Asher throwing some mean jumps.

Levi needed daddy to help him make it up the hill.

Made it!

Now for the fun part.  Wheeeeee!

Jolie doing some mad rollerskating.

Here she is the king of the world.

What a fun family day.


jeana said...

Oh how fun! Why have I never thought to take the boys there?? Love the pictures of your sweet family =]

Brandon and April said...

you have a gorgeous family!! :)