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Monday, March 26, 2012

My husband's mommy.

My husband's mommy :) came to visit last week.  We always love to have Grandmolly here.  It was a blessing to have her use part of her vacation with us to slave away over some curtains that I really wanted to have in my 10-year-old daughter's room.  (I saw them on Pinterest.  Of course.)  She took on the task for me because I think my brain might explode if I ever tried to learn how to sew.  Put me in the garden any day! 

She was an animal!  I had to make her take breaks.  She wanted to sew all night.  Crazy lady.  But she did a great job and got them done pretty fast.  Thanks Grandmolly for taking care of all of us!

Asher is following in his daddy's footsteps to be the capable mender in the family.  I love this picture.

He probably asked her a million questions.  She answered them all.

AN IRON????  Oh man.  This is really not my kind of work.  Did I say thanks Grandmolly?

Hands at work. 

What a terrible picture!  They are really beautiful in person.  I had a hard time getting a good detailed picture of the black fabric.  You get the idea!  They are called waterfall ruffles.  Very girlie!

I am so proud of the way they turned out!  They are really beautiful and well-made.  Jolie is thrilled with them too.  I did put in my order for a set for the new baby's window.  :)  I almost got slapped.  It's okay Grandmolly.  We have lots of time for you to get those done.  Hee hee.

We had another blessing recently.  RAIN!  It has made everything so green and fresh.  Here are my little onions soaking it up!

See the little bits of green?  Lettuce!  Yes, soon we will be feasting on fresh greens.  I can't wait!

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