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Monday, March 19, 2012

Our last hoorah before the baby.

As a fun treat for our family, we decided to take a little vacation.  Well, our initial plan was to take a last BIG vacation but due to lack of planning, we settled for a small vacation.  We drove to Oklahoma City to spend a couple of days in a nice hotel and to enjoy some kid-centered fun.  We did some really fun things while we were there.  But of course, the highlight of the trip was the hotel pool.  We treasure our time together and are glad we were able to do it before I get tied down to nursing for hours on end.  :)

My Ashy-man.

She is growing up so fast.

Be still my heart!  I love these boys.


This may or may not be a dunking attempt. 

Crazy kid had no fear of the pool.

Splashing brothers.

Levi planning his next move.

My goal is to get another Healthier Steps blog this week!  See you then.  -Little Wife

1 comment:

jeana said...

So fun! Can't wait to meet that baby!

Hey, i have Passover written on my calender with you on the 14th. Is that right? (Just making sure I have that right)

Also, Dan said you fb him about the autism walk. Dan is signed up to work in Savannah, GA for a few weeks (during that time), so we may go with him. Thank you so much for thinking of us though!