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Friday, July 20, 2012

A very late 4th blog

The 4th is my favorite holiday.  There is not the pressure of gift-giving, there is no turkey to fret over.  It's a cookout with family and an opportunity to just be together.  You can wear flip-flops.  You can eat ice cream.  It's easy like that.

Why the face Livie Lou??

Dress up clothes and good company!

My brother-in-law George had a gift made for my grandparents.  Here is the moment that they saw it! 

Papa was very proud.

Hey kids!  Where ya going?

Come back!!!
Run girls!

Oh you little sillies!

Grandma and Papa were proud.  We love you both so much!  Thank you for loving us and always being such precious grandparents.  You made my childhood so special and fun.  Grandma with tea parties and beauty shop.  Papa with early morning breakfasts at the Dutch Inn and feeding the horses.  I can still smell the oats!  You are both such a big part of my life.  I am thankful that my babies get to know you and love you too. 

Papa Joe doing his traditional baby hold.

This is George helping load up the new sign.  Thanks for being so thoughtful!!! 

Nana and Papa Joe loving on Micah.

Liv trying to love on Micah who is done being loved on.

Papa and Levi having a talk.

Kiddos decorating the wall.
Hi my Jolie baby!
Nice icing face Zaddy!

Hey!!  Quit looking at me like that!

Just hanging around.
Cousins are the best.

All of the cousins waiting for the fireworks to start.

Here you can get the idea of how my life flies by me.  Look at all of that movement!

I sat in the dark that night with my eyes closed, listening.  Fireworks were exploding all around.  You know the big ones that shake your core?  Those.  They were beautiful and for a split second, terrifying. 

I held my baby close and thought.  I though about the mothers holding their babies close as they listen to real bombs explode around them.  Moms who wonder if they and their babies will survive the night.  Their terror lasts.  

Tears fall as color streaks the sky.  I thank God that I don't feel that fear.  I thank him for the safety and security of this place.  But I also ask him to guard those who's country has betrayed them.  The families who fear.  The children who have lost parents.  The moms whose arms are empty.  I have no delusion about my place in this world.  I am very blessed.     

The horizon grows dark again and the crowd cheers in appreciation of the show.  We all head to the safety of home and the promise of coffee and conversation.  I know that tonight we will sleep in safety but that no day is promised.  We have to live in this moment and trust in his ways.  

I love the 4th... 


Jaclyn Hicks said...

You are so very day is promised and we are blessed to live in a place such as this. Looks like it was a wonderful day.

Brandon and April said...

your words are beautiful. :)
thanks for this post. next time I see fireworks, I'm going to close my eyes and be reminded of these words. :)