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Friday, July 6, 2012

Birthday fun!

This little turkey turned 3.  He got the donut birthday cake!

And blew out the candles like a champ!

He was a happy boy!

We had a pool party for Levi's 3rd birthday and decided to combine it with Zaddok's half birthday.  (He is a December baby and always gets the shaft when it comes to party time.  So we had a big friend party for his half birthday!)

Some buddies.

Approval #1

Approval #2

This may be approval # 3.  Then again, this is how she looks 90% of the time.  Chill out Micah.  You look so stressed! :)

Going from approval to disapproval.  Guess I need a new lunch menu.

Baby girl seems to be fine with what she's been eating.  Oh the cheeks!!

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