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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big news!

We are moving!!  We have finally found our little spot in the country.  So I will be absent from blogging for awhile.  When I come back, I will have tons to share!  I will leave you with a few pictures to tide you over until then.  :)
When we travel, this is what I see.  A tiny, fuzzy head straining to see out the window.  We went to a small town North of us called Canadian.  It usually has beautiful fall leaves for us to enjoy.  Micah did this for a good portion of the trip.

One of our favorite spots to stop on the way!  It has a good old-fashioned merry-go-round.

Daddy and baby spent a lot of time together on this trip.  Micah looks scared but she really does adore her daddy.

Me and my girlies.  I am trying to get over my aversion to pictures of myself.  I would like to be a part of my family's memories.  :)

The boys.

This is the highlight of our Canadian trips.  The bridge!  It's at least a mile long.  The kids like to try to run as much of it as they can.  I prefer to stroll.


There is a section of the bridge that is over a little bit of water.  We always linger there watching the tiny fish get swept along in the current.  We drop golden leaves from high in the air and try to guess where they will land.  We toss sticks upstream and race to the other side of the bridge to watch them rush past. 

I wish a camera could capture the striking contrast of color.  I was much more beautiful in real life.

There was this vine that grew up the trees that was a vibrant red.  It was stunning!
Our final stop of the day was a little forested park with a lake.  The lake was a bit of a disappointment to me because the water had receded so much.  My husband and kids however saw it as a great adventure.  The above picture is the exposed lake bottom.   

It was kind of creepy.  Like bones sticking up from the ground.  (Matt took all of these lake photos.)

This ground was really cool.  It was spongy.  I got freaked out because I kept sinking into it.  Apparently the top was only a crust.  Underneath was water and soupy mud.  I'm not saying that my husband broke through the crust and sank into the mud up to his thigh...but I'm not not saying it either.  It was a stinky ride home. 

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Brandon and April said...

You are gorgeous!! More pictures of yourself, please! :)
And yay for my hometown! I have many many memories of that bridge. Congrats on a new house!!