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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let's bring this kid home!!!

Our sweet friends John and Michelle Emmitt have been, for the past 2 years, in the process of adopting a precious boy from Belize.  This boy's name is Alfred.  They have made enormous progress and have had many miracles occur in this process.  You can read their story here. 
We have followed this journey through every turn and trial.  We are so thankful to know John and Michelle.  They already have 3 biological boys and are taking on Alfred who has several health issues that they really don't know the extent of.  I know that God put this call on their heart, to love unconditionally, this child they hardly know.
 I am asking for prayers for this family as they come into the home-stretch.  I am also asking that you, who live nearby, would consider attending this upcoming art auction to raise money for Alfred's adoption.  Here is the info... 
It's going to be a blast.  Come have a night out and help bring this kid home!!!  I know John, Michelle, Josiah, Matthias, Jacob and of course, Alfred will appreciate it! 

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Carrie@LifeRegardless said...

Thanks for posting this, Rachelle!