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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Left turn at Albuquerque.

We were able to visit Matt's grandparents last weekend.  They live South of Albuquerque.  We actually get to take a left at Albuquerque!!  Hahahaha!  (If you don't understand you really need to watch some old Looney Tunes.)  Matt and the boys were able to help out Popper with a big job.  And the girls got to hang with Grandmother and do some cooking.  The kids love to be there.  I am so glad they are getting to know their great-grandparents.  What a blessing.

Micah made the guys take a break.

Her daddy really needed to hold her.

There was so much rock!  They had to fill an old decorative stream bed with a big truckload of this stuff.

Of course a Big Red gives a little bit of motivation.

Daddy, you might be a little big for that tractor.

This guy worked so hard.  He didn't just help in a little kid way, he helped like a man!

Jolie took most of these.  She is quite the photographer.  I love her POV.

These boys have a special relationship with Popper.  They would do just about anything he asked.

I have this same picture with all of our babies.  Grandmother, in her chair, rocking and singing.

"What Grandmother?"
"Oh! This piggy went to market!"

Precious times with precious family!

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