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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Holy Week!

We had an eventful Holy week.  We celebrated the Passover starting Monday night.  It continued through the week of Unleavened Bread and ended with a celebration of the Resurrection!  We are so blessed to be able to worship freely and to spend time with church family.  If you are new to our journey, you can read about how and why we celebrate the Passover here.

This is matzoh toffee.  Like saltine toffee but better and less leavened.  :)  Passover can be delicious.

Our pretty Passover table.

The Passover plate.  Mmmmmm, Charoset!

The appetizers to keep the troops happy.

We went through the story on the floor.  More kid friendly.

Our Judeo-Christian Passover story includes the washing of the feet.  Daddy washed his babies feet like Jesus washed the disciples feet.


We got dressed up a few days later to celebrate Resurrection Sunday at a local church.

My little Zaddy.

This guy found a jacket he just couldn't refuse.  Sharp-dressed man.
Oh my fatty with a pony-tail and sandals!

"What is on my feet?"

Oh my little Weebies.

The crew all together.

Micah has trust issues.

You guys are my heart!!  I love you so!
A rare picture of all 7 of us.  Praying your holy week was blessed.  God be with you all!


jeana said...

Beautiful! I wanted Dan to sign us up to go, but he forgot. Not sure if you have my email but its ballfam02(at)gmail(dot)com ;) that may be a better way to reach me!. Haha. Love you guys!

Vickie said...

Such a sweet family you have! Love little Micah's ponytail - reminds me of my daughter at that age! Bless you for bringing up your children in the ways of the Lord!