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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring is well on the way!

So excited to show you our new babies!  We had planned to get chicks soon but could not find a place that still had them after Easter.  

My bro-in-law had already ordered us some heritage breed chicks but they were on back order into May.  We want eggs much faster than that so we will get these girls started and then bring the new babies in behind them.
Yesterday, a new shipment came in so we went to gather our chickies.  I wanted 6 to start us out.  We need egg layers to replace the ones we have lost since moving to the country.  (Dogs run loose out here so we have had 3 layers killed.)  

Our trip to the store to pick out our newbies started out as planned but then my husband decided we needed to get a duck along with our chicks.  (I will have to tell that story in another post.)  We "discussed" it for a bit but he was resolute.

So not only did we come home with 5 pullets.  We also came home with 2 bantam hens and 2 ducks.  Apparently you have to buy the ducks in pairs. 

Such is farm life I guess!  It surprises me all of the time. I have been the chicken lady for awhile.  I just never expected to be a duck lady.  But I think I may be!!  They are so stinkin' cute.  And they lay eggs too.   


Aren't they precious?  And swimmers already!

This is one of our Bantam chicks.  They are tiny and they have furry feet! 

This is Ninja.  She was my crybaby last night.  I had to hold her for a bit and she went right to sleep.  She just needed a mommy.   Here in about 20 weeks, she should be making us breakfast.  :)

The kids are quite infatuated.

Also this week, we got our coconut oil from Tropical Traditions!

And we got our potatoes and onions in the ground.  I know these just look like rotten potatoes but hopefully, they will take root and make many baby potatoes.  Praying for a big harvest!!  Spring is well on it's way.

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