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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A day at the lake.

We just love the lake.

So fun to splash and play!

Especially when it is in our own backyard!!

Micah just had to dive in.  The boys headed for the mud!

You stinkers!  We sure miss our Jo Kay today!  They are getting lots of rain at church camp too I hear.

What is it with kids and puddles?
  I remember the anticipation of going outside after a rain.  The sweet dampness of the air and the heat from the concrete penetrating the cool of the water.  The thrill of watching the water rush down the curb.  It was the closest thing to a stream we desert, city-kids had.  We would gather up things to float downstream.  Our wrinkled fingers crafted boats from trash and sticks. Gritty feet would seek out any mud we could squish between our toes or if it was stiff enough, make into miniature pottery that we would dry in the approaching sun.  It was fabulous.     

This is amazing!  We have not had rain like this in years!  Our ground was desperate for it.  God is faithful when His children cry out.  We praise you Lord for the blessing of rain!

What a blessing it is!

A fun and wet blessing.

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Jaclyn Hicks said...

Those pictures are priceless! And the rain, oh how wonderful it is! We had rain for three days! Everyone is overjoyed around here!