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Monday, September 23, 2013


Just a few little Fall goodies to share.  This is my favorite season!  I love the weather, the clothes, the food and the completion of a time of business.  Time to hibernate!

First time growing sunflowers.  We are going to roast them and eat them!  Unless they have bugs.  Then we will feed them to the chickens this winter.  It is amazing what you can grow to eat!
My poor little panicking bees.  Fall sends them into quite a tizzy.  They were very happy to get a little watermelon assistance.

This baby girl loves to stop and smell the roses.  (and the Jerusalem artichoke blooms too!)

They love working with daddy!

Speaking of working daddies.  These guys did an awesome job at putting up a wall!  I am always amazed at what these best buds get done when they get together.  And they ALWAYS have fun!

Matt was ashamed that he was letting John do all of the work.  I think John was hogging all of the cool tools.

This side of the wall will be a lovely built-in bookshelf someday.  When Matt says he will get something done, he will get it done.  There is no need to remind him about it every 6 months.  (Just a little Pinterest humor there.)

Not sure when we will be finishing out the job but you can bet there will be joy and pictures when we do!  Winter keeps us inside so we are much more likely to get some of these little jobs completed.  Think finished thoughts!

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