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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

School stuff and country life.

This is Asher and his bestie Joe.  They have know each other forever!  The got to run this morning to raise money for their school.  Yes, Joe is giant!

My baby boy ran close to 3 miles!!!  I would die.  No seriously.  I would pop a lung and die.  So proud!

Matt and Levi ran with Zaddok.  That is hair on Matt's lip.  It's a workplace agreement.  No shaving the 'stache until after Thanksgiving.  It is the first time I have every seen my husband with that much hair on his lip.   

He did almost 2 miles.  Awesome bud!

Micah B. is my sister's baby.  I saw this exact face almost every morning of my childhood.  God bless those little mouth-breathers.

In a more flattering picture, Jolie loves to take her baby sister and doll her up.  Here she is wearing Jolie's skirt transformed into evening-wear.  Love that relationship.

Poor, poor chicken.  This looks like it might have taken some concentration.  The egg on the left is normal.  The eggs on the right is, abnormal.

This is what we had inside.  Siamese twins!

The last harvest was delicious.

This...well, this is an example of the random things that I find laying around my country home.  Gross and cool all at the same time.  Yes, it is dead and dried.  Not sure what to do with him now.  It seems kind of mean to just throw him away. 

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