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Friday, November 8, 2013

Canadian, our annual trip! (Part 1)

We gained a kid for our trip this year.  This is Gracie.  She and Jolie are tight, and goofy, and fun.  We are at the bridge in Canadian.  We like to get a few shots before crossing.

This is

Asher's jumping

picture sequence.

And Zaddok

The girls

The guys

The deer. She was spying on us as we crossed the bridge.

Hi sweet Weebies

Asher chose to run the entire length of the bridge.  The little boys followed.  These girls, they made it halfway before they were oh so tired.

Our favorite part of crossing the bridge is the water.  These tiny fish are always there.

It was so beautiful.

The colors were changing.  Such brilliant golds.

After the bridge we made the drive to the lake.  There are wonderful little wooded trails that we like to visit.

This girl hitched a ride with Daddy.

Our boy did security on the trail.  You know, just in case.

This beautiful plant is all over.  It is soap wort.  Not edible but can be used for washing.

She loves her daddy.

He is growing up.

Love these girls!

And this sweet boy.

Lots of love to go around.

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