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Monday, November 11, 2013

Canadian trip (part 2)

I'm telling you, this is a beautiful place.

Birdie took a break.

I love this.  If only her face wasn't dirty!

The girls took a turn with the camera.  I think they did a beautiful job!

She is either contemplating her 12 years or getting ready to stomp a brother.

Of course there was some tree climbing.

Gracie took this family photo of us in front of the giant cottonwood. 

Birdie decided to split.

Her big brother wouldn't let her get very far.

Being hidden on these back trails is a little magical.

You don't find this much where we live.  It is a nice oasis on the prairie.

Matt was feeling artistic.

I just love the shots he got.

These guys were not as excited about our artistic walk.  They were tired and ready for ice cream.

The road home.

We will see you next year!

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