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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This is a Micah-heavy post...

and I'll tell you why.  She is the only child who is by my side all day, every day.  The others have grown and found better things to do.  But this baby girl still thinks her mama is pretty cool.  It won't be long before she dumps me for daddy though.  It always happens.
See, it has already started.  Making breakfast with Daddy is the first step.

What in the world happened to your hair?!?

She is such a stinker but so smart!  She is talking so much and learning to everything the big kids do.

Her big sister loves to dress her up, paint her toes and spray her with smelly-good stuff.

Micah is still trying to figure it all out.  Since I am not a girlie-girl, it is kind of nice for Jolie to give Micah that experience.

And she does look pretty darn cute.
Plus, this is the other side of her sibling training program.

They really have trained her to laugh at things little girls shouldn't.  Like certain body sounds. :(

They really don't smell very good either and are usually dirty.

 But oh my how they love her!  It's pretty sweet.  And I think any future guy friends
will have to tread very carefully!


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