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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Terrible. Just terrible.

I am a loser.  A blogging loser.  I have taken no pictures.  I have written zero blogs.  LOSER!  I didn't even get my camera out once at Christmas. 
It was glorious.  I enjoyed my kiddos and didn't think once about getting the perfect shot.  I am not saying that I will do that every year but this year was nice.
I am preparing to construct my yearly blog book so I will be absent for a bit.  But I will be back in 2014 with much vigor!
Here are a few parting shots for 2013...
The dudes in a Minecraft haze.

Hi babies!

Always a party around here!

This sweet thing got "boops" from her Grandmolly for Christmas.  She LOVES them!

See Grandmolly!

The girls.  Jolie, Micah and Ridgleigh, Jolie's good friend.

See, always a crazy, crazy party!

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