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Monday, June 9, 2014


Every spring since I was a girl, my time was spent on metal bleachers.  I would eat seeds and pickles, swat mosquitos and endure the heat, and I would cheer like a crazy person.
Not much has changed for me these days.  I am just a bit more crazy since the players I am watching are my son an his teammates.
It was another great year for baseball.  Zaddok has defiantly matured some as a player.  He was so fun to watch!  He actually got asked to play on the All-Star team but had to decline because of a conflict.
But All-Star team or not, we are so proud of the player and the young man he is becoming.  We love you Zaddie!
Oh that sweet face!

That a boy!

Deep thoughts or maybe he is trying to decide if he can make it to the bathroom before the next inning.

Hey batter, batter!

The Mets are #1!!!

This team fought so hard to get here.  They were not favored to win but they did!  Each and every boy showed up in a big way.  I was so proud of the heart they put into these last two games.

Big brother was proud too.


Oh you guys are so weird.  I love you so much!!!


Great coaches, great boys and great families!  We had a fun season. 

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