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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer lovin'

The calendar seems to be mistaken.  I refuse to think that June is almost over.  That is silly.  June just started last week!
Summer does seem to be moving along at a shocking pace.  We are trying to make the most of it.  Our weather here has been unbelievable!  Cool June days are a welcome thing around here.  The coolness, along with some hail damage has stunted the garden but it is a fair trade.
Renovations are slow and steady.  Well, mostly slow but at least we are progressing.  Here are our new floors!

And here is Father's Day.  Matt got a new wheelbarrow and some other tool-type things.  Oh yes, and candy matched with homemade cards.  Dad's get the best stuff!

One day last week we decided to venture across the road to the HUGE playa lake.  It really is beautiful to see from our (GREEN!) yard.  We are not used to standing water in these parts.

It was beautiful up close too.

Sweet Zaddy and Micah 

Grumpy Jolie.  :)
Pondering Asher
The buddies, Levi and Daddy.
The boys spent a ton of time collecting these little shells.  Not sure what kind of thing occupied them before but they had a blast!
My crew.
The Prairie really is beautiful.
If you can find joy in the smallness of it...
Or the grandness of it,
you will fall in love.
We thought we might loose our dog Fuzz to the playa.  He did not want to leave.  He barked and bit at the water.  He ran all around in it and would not come out!

I really can't blame him.  It was pretty perfect.


Anonymous said...

I remember when Nolan and I were dating, that playa lake filled up just like that - we had a little rubber blow-up raft and had a blast "boating" out there! Fun memories! :)Salem

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pics, and yes we praise God for this amazing season of rain so a-typical in the last several years here. I I want to hear more about the beekeeping. -Sue