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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More gifts, 101-150

101.  Freedom
102.  seeing the sunrise with the kids each morning
103.  watching the boys walk into school and seeing them turn to wave one last time
104.  canning jars expectantly empty
105.  filling them!
106.  reading scripture I know and still finding something new
107.  wet, dewy grass on bare feet
108.  pickling crocks
109.  a close game
110.  seeing their hearts in what they do
111.  driving as the sun breaks the horizon
112.  thick, velveteen fog muffling sound and light.
113.  the moment you bite a grape and the taught skin gives way to juicy sweet flesh
114.  spending time with someone kindred
115.  iced, cold water
116.  the comfortableness of family
117.  steaming kitchen windows telling of warm stew and fresh bread
118.  green
119.  tear that flow with laughter
120.  dried mango
121.  Zaddok's goofy, sweet smile
122.  lamp light
123.  first day of Fall
124.  coffee sups with character
125.  puzzles
126.  dark-chocolate, covered pretzels
127.  old mirrors
128.  Micah's giggle
129.  seeing kids worship
130.  our canning day
131.  flys.  just kidding, fly-swatters
132.  interesting art
133.  feeling happy for no reason
134.  learning history
135.  deep meaningful prayer
136.  Shanah Tova!!
137.  honey
photo from Creek House Honey Facebook page.
138.  seeing Asher in a ball cap looking so grown
139.  old, wood floors
140.  house plants
141.  when he takes out the trash without me asking
142.  curtains I love
143.  the perfume of apples and cinnamon

144.  seedlings poking new heads through damp soil
145.  the last of mowing
146.  orange yolks from fresh-laid eggs
147.  newborn sounds
148.  the pink and orange and purple of the morning sky
149.  laying in my bed, on my tummy, deep into a book
150.  butter

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